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Marketing to Your Email List…on Facebook?

Yes, it’s true, and we’re pretty excited to try this out.

Facebook now allows you to upload your prospect/client/customer email list (permission-based, naturally), and then you can run targeted ads that will appear only on accounts having an email address from your list.

Now at this point your first reaction might be, “But I already have ‘likes’ from these people, so why would I pay to advertise to them on Facebook?”

Well, first of all, you probably don’t have a “like” from everyone in your email list. Second, even for those people where you do have “likes” already, they may not be seeing your Facebook posts as much as you’d like (maybe they have a ton of activity on their own timeline), or worse yet, maybe you’re not as diligent about posting content to your own timeline as you should be.

This just seems like a very cool way to garner more impressions from your prospect/client/customer email list, and these ads should pull better than average because the viewers should already have some idea as to who you are.

Just be sure that your ad offers something of legitimate value and that you have a special landing page to handle fulfillment; this could even be a page on Facebook. Point being, if you’re planning on just sending people to your home page, don’t bother running an ad.

See the complete Facebook announcement here.

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