Get Your Campaigns Set Up…Fast

We fully respect that you’d prefer to set up your own email campaigns. It’s sorta like how we keep trying to learn how to make the perfect Tom Ka Gai soup. Sure, it’s delicious when it’s finished, but WOW is it an awful lot of work. So many steps…

And it’s just the same with email marketing. Not only do you need great words, graphics, and coding, but also you need to set the email in your email solution provider (ESP).

You need to tweak your data file a little before you upload it; you need to drop the HTML and text versions of your email in (you DID do a true text version, right?); you need to come up with a suitable, effective subject line; and then you need to make sure the whole thing is 100% correct across the board so you’re not sending out an “Oops! We goofed!” follow-up email 15 minutes later.

And of course, hitting the send button is just the beginning, because a few days later you’re going to need to dive into the data to see your metrics, check for deliverability issues, then use what you learned to keep making your email marketing program better. (Sorry, we’re just not big believers in “spray and pray” around here.)

Now, you can continue to do all of this yourself, of course, and if our service were at all expensive, you’d be quite right to go down the do-it-yourself path. But when you find out how little we charge to provide our fully managed email marketing service, we guarantee you’re gonna say, “Here, YOU take it!”

So, c’mon…let us take it! Let’s talk about how outsourcing your email marketing can make a world of sense in a world full of nonsense: