Make Sure Your Emails Look Right

Your emails can have razor-sharp copy and an eye-catching design, but if they are not coded correctly in HTML, all of your work might be for naught.

The fact is that what looks great on your browser might not look OK in Outlook. Or maybe it looks OK in Outlook but is broken in Gmail. Or maybe it looks great in Gmail but doesn’t look right on an iPhone. Or maybe it’s great on an iPhone but not so good on a tablet…

Point being, there’s more to making sure your emails are cross-client compatible than just slapping together some HTML and blasting that sucker out. And the data is clear that (1) we’re moving towards a more mobile- and tablet-oriented world, and (2) if your emails are not optimized for these devices, then your readers are going to click delete and move on.

The good news is that we can help. If you really want to go the distance, we can design and produce fully responsive HTML emails that will work on just about every email client and device out there. And with our fancy-shmancy email preview system (sorry, didn’t mean to get all “technical” on you), we’ll be able to see what your emails look like on all of these devices *before* we hit the “send” button.

Cool, no?

Look, you want to send out emails that actually look the way they’re supposed to, right? And we can help. Just get in touch so we can talk about it: